GumTree M7 New and Noteworthy


Both the GumTree Platform and GumNIX Library have been improved in terms of UI functionality, control system adaptability, and API stability.



Platform and GumNIX Library



Experiment centric intro screen

GumTree provides an intro to display available experiments.





Scripting support for GumTree

GumTree supports limited scripting ability via a built-in Jython interpreter. By using Python syntax, users can access and display experiment data, and interact with the GumTree workbench. The Jython interpreter can also be used as the command line interface for data analysis.





Device proxy viewer

Device proxy viewer is an utility for testing the connection between GumTree proxy and control system. It supports commands execution and read / write operation on scalar attributes.





Command line interface

Few enhancements have been made to the command line interface. In the command history viewer, it supports different command grouping and sorting:


Command history filtering dialog can filter command by wildcard expression:


Command line terminal uses the latest FreeTTS (Text-to-Speech) software for better application accessibility:




1D plot clipboard support for Windows

Any 1D plot in GumTree Windows version can be copied into clipboard and pasted to external applications. GumTree also provides embedded Microsoft Word for writing lab note during the experiment. 1D plot form the clipboard can be pasted to GumTree embedded word processor.






GTD Browser shows data in tabular and graphical format

Data set in the GTD browser can be viewed as multi dimensional table or in 1D / 2D / 3D graph.






Selecting different graphics rendering engine

Users can select different plot renderer for 1D/ 2D / 3D graph from the preference page.



SWT / OpenGL renderer:


AWT / ISAW renderer:


AWT / Ptplot renderer:




Embedded web browser for viewing online resources

GumTree has an internal browser built-in for viewing any online resources. Developer can add any useful URL into the experiment reference section to help users to find resources quickly.





Syntax highlighted editor

A syntax highlighted editor is included in GumTree for editing variety of scripting files.





SIC Server Monitor

A SICS Monitor is introduced for diagnostic purpose.





SICS device grouping

SICS provides three different ways to group devices in the device navigator:

  1. Device Type
  2. Device Group
  3. GumTree Interface





Sycamore syntax support in SIC dummy server

A simulated SIC server in GumTree support new sycamore syntax proposed by ANSTO.






3D slit controller

A slit controller from the GumNIX library provides an interactive way to set any slit system. A 3D animation gives instantaneous feedback of the system to users.






API support for Joystick

Initial API support for Joystick is added to the GumTree Platform. Joystick can be embedded to 3D view for better 3D model viewing control. The current implementation will work on Windows only.








Visualisation Examples

Visualisation examples view demonstrates 1D, 2D, 3D and curve fitting with code snippets.